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Kara O'Toole Treece

Author of the Running in Parallel Series

Running in Parallel 
Book 1



All Fara wants is to earn enough tips to pay the bills, somehow learn to stand up for herself, and eat a good cheeseburger. What she gets is a federal agent who is convinced she is hiding a dangerous device in her tiny apartment; and a new and unexplainable ability that she really could do without.

All Blu wants is to restore democracy to her world, preferably without dying in the process. What she gets is the unwanted attention of two of the most lethal leaders of Jurisdictions; one who wants nothing more than to kill her, and the's complicated.

Neither woman had 'run for my life' on their to-do list, but you don't always get what you want.

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About Kara O'Toole Treece

Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska as an only child of parents that, between the two of them, had multiple degrees and professions (including, but not limited to: FBI, Priest, and College President), was actually cooler than I thought at the time.  But being a child consumed by wanderlust, I left as soon as the ink was dry on my scholarship. I made my way to New Orleans for college, which instilled in me a life-long love of the city, beignets, and being overly suspicious of hot dogs you can buy at 3am from a cart. 

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