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Running in Parallel

Book 1

All Fara wants is to earn enough tips to pay the bills, somehow learn to stand up for herself, and eat a good cheeseburger. What she gets is a federal agent who is convinced she is hiding a dangerous device in her tiny apartment; and a new and unexplainable ability that she really could do without.

All Blu wants is to restore democracy to her world, preferably without dying in the process. What she gets is the unwanted attention of two of the most lethal leaders of Jurisdictions; one who wants nothing more than to kill her, and the's complicated.

Neither woman had 'run for my life' on their to-do list, but you don't always get what you want.

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A Choice of Lightning

Book 2 | Running in Parallel Series

Two weeks ago, all Fara wanted was to earn enough tips to pay rent. Now, she is stuck in another world, surrounded by a Team who learned to throw daggers before tying their shoes. Oh, and she can open portals to other universes with her mind. With sexy agent Hanlon being held prisoner and Barrington Park closing in, Fara knows that she can’t go home until she learns to control her new ability. She'll need the Team's help. But is going home what she really wants?

Two weeks ago, all Blu wanted was to restore democracy to her world. Now, she knows the threat from Jurisdiction extends beyond the boundaries of her universe. On the one hand, she has a double from a parallel universe. On the other, a double agent hiding in her own Team. To make things even more complicated, Jurisdiction’s Second Counselor, Jyston, won’t leave her alone. Is he actually trying to help, or laying an elaborate trap?

Two weeks ago, neither woman knew the other existed. Now, Blu and Fara must work together to protect the ones they love.

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The Cost of Fire

Book 3 | Running in Parallel Series

At first glance, Fara and Blu are nearly identical, despite their vastly different realities. But one is a total badass, and the other? Well, she’s a total badass in the making…


When Fara and Blu joined forces to take on the Jurisdiction—the insidious ruling class in Blu’s parallel universe—they hadn’t counted on help from the Second Counselor, one of Jurisdiction’s sexiest bachelors. Love and lust are in the air in the Compound, but the PITs are fast approaching. And even with Fara’s emerging and wildly powerful abilities, she, Blu, and the rest of the Team will need all the support they can get in this powerbike tournament from hell. 

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The Storm's Last Light

Book 4 | Running Parallel Series

Multiple universes. One malevolent government. Two fierce heroines determined to end the fight once and for all.


Fara Bayne can’t believe it - she’s alive! She knows the path to recovery will be a long one, even with Ink by her side. But unfortunately, her ‘to do’ list has become ridiculously long, and the Team is running out of time. On her list: rescue Adora from her own government, burn down Jurisdiction headquarters, start a grassroots rebellion, and uncover what really happened to her mother, all the while not accidentally incinerating her clothes with her emerging powers.  No sweat. She might just be getting the hang of being a badass.


Blu needs a win. Unfortunately, the odds do not look to be in her favor. Jurisdiction arrested Jyston for treason and sentenced him to death. To make matters worse, his last transmission before capture had been dire: Jurisdiction was preparing an army to invade the Compound. And as if that wasn’t enough, Barrington Park was still wreaking havoc in Fara’s world, there were prisoners to rescue, and a building to destroy. With some allies outright refusing to help, and those that joined their fight in worse shape than the Team, she might just be in over her head.


With loved ones in peril and Jurisdiction posed to strike, can the pair do the impossible and save their worlds?


The Storm's Last Light is the action-packed fourth book in the Running in Parallel science fiction series. If you like compelling female leads, dystopian backdrops, and a splash of humor, you’ll adore Kara O'Toole Treece’s thrilling conclusion.


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